Our Craft

From our furnaceto your oven

Delve into our production process and discover how we build products that last a lifetime


A recipe for sustainability

Our cast iron casseroles are made from the highest quality ingredients including 85% recycled iron and steel, creating enduring classics.

Raw material is melted down into the furnace, then poured into a melting pot, or‘creuset’, from which we take our name.

Once the metal cools, our skilled craftsmen break away the individual sand moulds to reveal the newly cast casserole. Each piece is completely unique as the mould is broken down after each use. The sand is reused again and again, to create thousands of pieces.


Skilled hands and keen eyes

Our casseroles are inspected at every stage of the process to ensure outstanding quality, durability and performance.

Every Le Creuset Casserole is hand-inspected by 40 craftsmen, responsible for scrutinising every curve and detail.

Mixing rich pigments for our casseroles is done with the utmost precision to ensure consistency. The iconic volcanic orange colour was inspired by the fiery orange of the molten iron used in the casting process, and it was the first colour Le Creuset produced when it launched in 1925.

The pots are sprayed with a minimum of two layers of enamel, to protect the piece inside and out and to add the colour. They then move along the production line for hand-finishing. 

Finally, the finished pieces are hand inspected and safety tested to the highest standards. Spare parts like knobs and handles are added for that finishing touch.