Our Heritage


A cast iron partnership

In 1925, two Belgian industrialists met at the Brussels Fair — one, a specialist in enamelling; the other, an expert in casting.  Jointly they 'cracked the code' to enamelling cast iron and brought colour to the kitchen.

Together, Le Creuset’s founders ushered in a new era of cookware.

After their first meeting, Armand Desaegher and Octave Aubecq agreed to collaborate, and together they defined the basic production process of the enamelled cast iron cocotte that we still use today. Once they created a working prototype in 1925, Le Creuset was born. 

The pair went on to establish a foundry in the village of Fresnoy-le-Grand, about two hours north of Paris. Our factory site stands at a transportation crossroads, making it easier to source the iron, coke and sand needed for production.

Inspired by the fiery orange colour of molten cast iron inside the foundry moulds, Desaegher and Aubecq’s first enamel colour — Volcanic — has become our signature hue. 


And it was all yellow

The colour that captured the heart of a star...

The 1960s saw the launch of Le Creuset's Elysee Yellow, adored by 1000's including none other than Marilyn Monroe herself.

Later in 1999, Marilyn's collection was auctioned off at Christies in New York for an incredible $25,300! With new colours all a flourish around this time a new blue was also inspired by Elizabeth David, famed for popularising Mediterranean cooking in the UK. David was pleased — she went on to stock a huge range of Le Creuset products in her specialist London cookware shop, helping to perpetuate Le Creuset’s association with good food.

A modern classic, our cast iron casseroles are the product of nearly a century of refinement. Passed down through generations, they get better with age.